In 1901 AD, Bellary was the seventh largest town in Madras Presidency, and one of the chief military stations in southern India.   A mythological legend states that the city is named after Indra, the king of gods, who destroyed the Rakshasa (demon) ‘‘Balla’’. Bellari Gudda or Fort Hill and Kumbara Gudda or Face Hill. It is the largest monolithic hill in the world. Bellary is known as Steel City and Gani Nadu (City of Mining). Famous food in Bellary is ‘Vagani Mirchi’.

Bellary is famous for the Manufacturing of Jeans and exporting to other cities.

Places To Visit

Bellary Fort, Kumarswamy Temple, Kuntegadda Park, Hampi, TungaBhadra Dam, Ballari Mini Zoo.

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