Mangalore is officially called as Mangaluru originated from the goddess named Mangaladevi whose temple is located at Bolar. Planet SKS near Karnataka Polytechnic on Kadri Hills is the tallest building ever constructed in Manglauru. It has 36 floors and height is 132 meters.St. Aloysisu Chapel.The church was built in the year 1899-1900 by Father Joseph Willy. It is one of the top attractions in Mangalore.  The walls of the chapel are covered with the paintings of the artist Antony Moshaini of Italy. Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple situated in Kudupu is a popular pilgrimage centers in Mangalore.  Tannirbavi Beach is located towards the southern end of Mangalore Port. The beach is the property of Mangalore port trust. This is one of the best beaches of Mangalore. It is also a favorite spot to watch the sunset.Mangaladevi Temple is situated in Bolar. The word Mangalore is derived from Goddess Mangaladevi, the main deity of the temple. The temple was built in the memory of Princess of Malabar Mangale in 9th century. Tagore Park / Light House Hill Garden: At a distance of 1 Km from Mangalore Railway Station, Tagore Park also known as Light House Hill Garden was built in the 18th century by Haider Ali & Tippu Sultan. One can see the beautiful sea view, sunset view and also the sailing ships and boats on the sea.

Annual festival Shashti is a famous religious ceremony celebrated in December Kambala, the buffalo race, contested in water filled paddy fields.

Places To Visit

St. Aloysisu Chapel, Tannirbavi Beach, Mangaladevi Temple, Tagore Park, Light House Hill Garden.

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